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We truly feel that God put Summit in our lives. It added a calm we didn't even know we needed. We have been so happy with the education and care Summit has given not only to our children but us as a family. Our children come home every day excited, ready to tell us about what has happened along with what they are learning.

We could not be more thankful!

-Diaz Family


When I first heard the news about Summit Christian Academy, my husband and I knew this is where we wanted our children to start school. It has been the perfect fit for us. I have been so impressed with the friendliness of the staff, the curriculum of the school and the love and care that is being poured into my children. I highly recommend this school to families!

-Hasenberg Family


Reintegration from a deployment was very hard on our family this fall. The teachers and staff at Summit were always there to encourage us, and build us up through a tough season. It warms our heart to hear them sing the songs they hear at school. That tells us that in the stillness at home, Jesus is on their minds! Thank you for bringing love, grace, and joy to our family! 

-Rutherford Family 


My friend shared a link for a new Christian school opening in North Pole and I just FELT God tell me it’s where my babies need to be. My husband completely agreed and we applied and just heard the great news that both kids were accepted! I could just scream with excitement for them! I am so excited for this next chapter in our lives.

-Lampe Family


Thank you Summit for loving my kids and growing and shaping them to be who God created them to be. Your light is evident. Your dedication to our kids blows me away. Your willingness to see every child with love, grace, patience and kindness has allowed my kids to freely explore, learn and grow in every way building confidence academically, socially and spiritually everyday! 

-Waltman Family


I am so blessed that my children attend Summit Christian Academy in North Pole! I know that my son and daughter are safe, loved and equipped for the future. The teachers are diligent and passionate in what they do. I love that communication is so easily available between parent and teacher via Dojo app and in person. This is by far the best school we ever attended.

-Ovchinnikov Family

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